Question: What Is Ceci Short For?

What does the name Ceci mean?

BlindThe meaning of the name “Ceci” is: “Blind”..

Is Cecilia an Italian name?

Cecilia Origin and Meaning The name Cecilia is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “blind”. … The name was popularized in the Middle Ages as an homage to the Saint.

Why does Cecilia mean blind?

From what I can gather, Cecilia is the feminine form of a Roman gens (or “clan”) name, which originally — in ancient days — was taken from a mythological figure, Caeculus, who was a king mentioned in the Aeneid, and his name was indeed intended to mean “little blind one” (from the Latin word for blind) because part of …

How do you spell the name Si?

si ] The baby boy name Si is pronounced as S-eh- †. Si is used predominantly in the English and Hebrew languages. Its origin is Old English, Latin, and Hebrew. Si is a variation (English) of the name Sidney (English and French).

How do you spell Cecilia?

Cecelia is a variant spelling of Cecilia, derived from the Latin Caecilía which is the feminine form of the Old Roman family name Caecilius.

What does SI in text mean?

Stop ItSI means “Stop It!”, “Stupid Idiot” and “Similar Interests”. “Stop It!”. The abbreviation SI is typically used with the meaning “Stop It!” as a direct request or order to someone to stop doing something.

What is Cici short for?

The name Cece is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “blind one”. Cece, all by itself, gained notice as the nickname of Jim and Pam’s baby on television’s The Office. On the show as in real life, Cece is often short for Cecelia or even Cecilia, but it can also be a short form of just about any C name.

What is the name Si short for?

Si is an intriguing antique nickname for Simon and Silas, and we’ve also heard it as a short form of names that contain the “sigh” sound, like Josiah and Osiris. It’s too slight to stand solo on the birth certificate, but we fully endorse Si as a nickname.

What is Joff short for?

jof(f), jo-ff ] The baby boy name Joff is pronounced as JHaoF- †. The origin of Joff is the Germanic language. Joff is a variant transcription of the name Geoffrey (English and German). Joff is an uncommon baby boy name.

Is Ceci a name?

Cecilia is a personal name originating in the name of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music….Cecilia.OriginWord/nameLatinOther namesNickname(s)Celia, Ceci, Cece, CelieRelated namesCelia, Sille4 more rows

What is JOLL?

enjoying yourself or a certain moment. This word in slang language is normally used to mean partying or having some drinks with friends. Come through. Come through is used in Slang. The word joll is used in Slang meaning play,having fun,Come through.

Is Cecilia an Irish name?

This is the Irish form of the Latin name Cecilia, the patron saint of music, and implies ‘pure and musical.’ This name means “sea white, sea fair.” In Irish mythology, this was the name of a 6th century mermaid caught by a fisherman in Lough Neagh.

What does the name Si mean in Chinese?

One who thinksThe meaning of the name “Si” is: “One who thinks”. Categories: Chinese Names. Used in: Chinese speaking countries. Gender: Boy Names.

Is Cici a name?

Cici as a girl’s name is of Latin/Old Welsh origin meaning “blind; sixth”. Related Baby Names Lists. …

Who is Cici boyfriend?

Cici has not revealed who her boyfriend is. However, after a brief scroll on Instagram, we found a very cosy picture of her and hairdresser Ryan Steed.

Is Cecilia a biblical name?

cecilia meaning in bible. Cecilia is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is English, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Spanish. … Latinate feminine form of the Roman family name Caecilius, which was derived from Latin caecus “blind”.