Question: What Is Meant By The Idiom Drive A Bargain?

What does the idiom drive a hard bargain mean?

: to be very determined to get what one wants when discussing something and especially a business deal You drive a hard bargain, but I’ll accept your terms..

What is meant by give way?

phrase. If an object that is supporting something gives way, it breaks or collapses, so that it can no longer support that thing.

What does the phrase all thumbs mean?

The idiom ‘I am all thumbs’ used to mean that a person is clumsy. Clumsy means that a person is awkward and uncoordinated. … The meaning of idiom within the sentence: You are all thumbs could soon become a compliment!

What is a good sentence for bargain?

Bargain sentence examples. Neither was willing to bargain with me for your life. Our bargain is over. You drive a hard bargain, but I agree.

What does a idiom mean?

An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase; but some phrases become figurative idioms while retaining the literal meaning of the phrase. Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom’s figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning.

What is the meaning of at least?

phrase. You use at least to say that a number or amount is the smallest that is possible or likely and that the actual number or amount may be greater. The forms at the least and at the very least are also used.

How do you bargain in English?

Vocabulary to Help you negotiate Price in Englishfixed budget – a maximum amount you can afford to pay.tight budget – very little flexibility in what you can afford to pay.particular budget – meets your estimate of what you are willing to shop around – to look at many – reduced price.More items…

What is a person who bargains called?

countable noun. A bargain hunter is someone who is looking for goods that are value for money, usually because they are on sale at a lower price than normal. You may also like. English Quiz. Confusables.

What is the definition of a bargain?

1 : an agreement between parties that settles what each gives or receives (as a promise or performance) in a transaction between them — compare contract. 2a : something acquired by or as if by bargaining. b : something whose value considerably exceeds its cost a bargain purchase. bargain.

What is the meaning of the idiom at length?

phrase. If someone does something at length, they do it for a long time or in great detail. They spoke at length, reviewing the entire incident. Synonyms: for a long time, completely, fully, thoroughly More Synonyms of at length.

How do you use the word all ear in a sentence?

Example: Kids in my class were all ears when I was telling them the story. She expected her fiance to be all ears when she was telling him about the wedding plans. I was all years when my grandfather was telling about his adventure trip to Himalayas in his youth.

What is the meaning of ace in the hole?

dealt and held face downan ace dealt and held face down, especially in stud poker. an advantage or a resource kept back until the proper opportunity presents itself: His ace in the hole is his political influence.

What means eventually?

: at an unspecified later time : in the end.

What is the meaning of length?

Length is the term used for identifying the size of an object or distance from one point to Length is a measure of how long an object is or the distance between two points. … The length of an object is its extended dimension, that is, its longest side. For example, the length of the ruler in the picture is 15 cm.

What does the word thumbs mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the short thick digit of the human hand that is analogous in position to the big toe and differs from the other fingers in having only two phalanges, allowing greater freedom of movement, and being opposable to each of them also : a corresponding digit in lower animals.