Question: Why Did Dashrath Have 3 Wives?

How many wives Lord Rama had?

RamaRama (Ramachandra)SiblingsShanta (sister) Lakshmana (half-brother) Bharata (half-brother) Shatrughna (half-brother)SpouseSitaChildrenLava (son) Kusha (son)DynastyRaghuvanshi-Ikshvaku-Suryavanshi11 more rows.

How did Kaikeyi died?

[1] But Kaikeyī’s desire never bore fruit. After sending his son into exile, a grief-striken Dasaratha died of a broken heart six days after Rama left Ayodhya. She came to blame herself for this death.

Why did Urmila slept for 14 years?

When Goddess Nidra explained the situation to Urmila she at once replied, “Give me my husband’s share of sleep for the next 14 years so that he can constantly stay awake without any stress or fatigue.” This is how Urmila slept night and day during the 14 year exile while Lakshmana could serve Ram and Sita attentively.

What age did SITA get married?

OMG: Sita was married to Rama at the age of 6. According to Hindu Calendar, today India is celebrating Sita Navami, the day when Goddess Sita was born. There are many interesting facts about Sita’s life that most people are not aware of. Today, we are going to share some of these interesting things about her life.

Who is the father of Kaushalya?

King DasharathaIn the Hindu epic, Ramayana, Kaushalya was the wife of King Dasharatha, the mother of Lord Rama and the eldest queen of Ayodhya….KausalyaParentsSukaushal (father) Amritaprabha (mother) Sumitra (co-wife) Kaikeyi(co-wife)SpouseDasharathaChildrenShanta (daughter) Rama (son)3 more rows

Was Sita Ravana’s daughter?

Ravana’s daughter: In Sanghadasa’s Jaina version of Ramayana, and also in Adbhuta Ramayana, Sita, entitled Vasudevahindi, is born as the daughter of Ravana. … Thus, Ravana abandons her and orders the infant to be buried in a distant land where she is later discovered and adopted by Janaka.

Is Sita elder than Rama?

Originally Answered: According to ramayana who is older Rama or sita? Ram was 6 years younger to Sita as per the Real Ramayana written by Valmiki. … Ram was 6 years younger to Sita as per the Real Ramayana written by Valmiki.

When did Sita pregnant?

Sita became pregnant when Ram was of ~39 years of age.

What happened to Luv and Kush after Ram and Sita?

One who held fort against Laxman, Bharath and Shatrugan cannot fall to a mere demon. Hanuman maintained ties with Luv and Kush after Lord Rama went to Vaikunth. He protected them from some demons who wanted to take advantage of the situation that Ram was not around. Those demons were all killed by Hanuman.

Who had 60000 wives?

King DasarathaWe are aware that King Dasaratha, father of Lord Rama, had three wives,Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. There are versions which state that he had 60, 000 wives. Dasaratha with his three wives,Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra.

How many wives does dasharath have?

three wivesHis capital was known as Ayodhya. Dasharatha was the son of Aja and Indumati. He had three wives; Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra and out of the union born Rama (One of Vishnu’s most popular incarnations), Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

Who is the first wife of Dasaratha?

KausalyaA messenger of the Gods visited Dasaratha with magical food which he should feed to his wives. He gave half the food to his first wife Kausalya, one sixth to his youngest wife Kaikeyi and the rest to Sumitra, his middle wife.

Did Urmila slept for 14 years?

Urmila Did Not Sleep for 14 Years As Nidra Devi went and explained the whole matter to Urmila, she happily agreed. Thus, it is said that Urmila kept sleeping for the entire period Lakshman was in exile.

Who was Urmila in next birth?

Urmila (Sanskrit: ऊर्मिला, IAST: Ūrmilā)) is a character in the Hindu epic Ramayana. She was the one and only wife of Lakshmana, younger brother of Rama.

Did Ram have other wives?

Mr, C.R Sreenivas Iyengar, translation of valmiki Ramayan says; Though Rama had married Sita to be Queen, he married many other wives for sexual pleasure in accordance with royal customs (Ayodha Kandam 8th chapter page 28) [The trem ‘Rama’s wives” has been used in many places in Ramayana.]

At what age Rama died?

So by the time Rama killed Ravana, he would be at 42 years old. Though Rama ruled the kingdom for 11 thousand years, the first 42 years of his life was full of miseries and adventures.

How many sons did kaikeyi have?

Out of Dashrath’s three wives, Kaikeyi had the most significant role. She was the princess of Kekeya and a powerful warrior, who helped her husband during a war. Kaikeyi was the mother of Bharata….KaikeyiSpouseDasharathaChildrenBharata (son)HomeKekeya (by birth) Ayodhya (by marriage)4 more rows

What was Ravana’s curse?

When Kubera came to know this, he cursed Ravana, that, “O Ravana, after today, if you touch any woman without her will, then your head will be cut into a hundred pieces.” For this reason, daughter Sita Ravana cannot even touch you without your consent.