Question: Why Did Patrick Save The Elf From The Cat?

What did Patrick wish from the ELF and why?

The little man granted Patrick a wish because he wanted to escape from the cat and did not want Patrick to give him back to the cat.

Patrick wanted the elf to do all his homework till the end of the semester, which was for 35 days..

What did Patrick hate?

Ans: Patrick hated homework and loved sports. He called himself lucky when the tiny man agreed to do all his homework.

How did Patrick help him?

How did Patrick help him? Ans: Patrick helped him by consulting a dictionary, guiding the little man in doing sums in arithmetic and read out portions from history book.

What did Patrick think his cat was playing with what was it really class 6?

Answer: Patrick thought that his cat was playing with a little doll. The cat was actually playing with an extremely tiny man, who wore a woollen shirt with old fashioned britches and a high tall hat.