Quick Answer: What Does Get Up Too Much Mean?

What are u up to slang?

It just means doing something.

So the question “What are you up to?” just means “What are you doing?”.

Why you up meaning?

The question ‘Are you up? ‘ means ‘Are you awake? ‘. When someone is up, it means he or she is not asleep.

Are you up to for?

Yes, it’s as you say. “Are you up to that?” is a question about your ability. “Are you up for that?” is a way of asking if you feel like doing it.

What is the meaning of up to much?

Are you doing anything interesting todayIt means “Are you doing anything interesting today?” or “Do you have any nice plans today?” It means “Are you doing anything interesting today?”

When a guy says what’s up to a girl?

It’s just a greeting meaning “What is happening?”, and a reply that nothing’s happening means you’re fine. That is an expression that has about as much meaningfulness as “How are you?” or “How’s it going?” All, including “What’s up?” are used as greetings.

What are you guys up to or too?

To is the correct format for that question. The “to” refers to what you are doing. The question “What, are you up too?” would be referring to the fact that you are also ‘up’ (awake and out of bed) with some surprise about the fact that you are also ‘up’.

What are you up to VS What are you doing?

Does “What are you up to?” mean “What are you doing?” Yes, they do mean the same, but they’re not always used in the same way. ‘What are you doing?’ is a simple request for information.

Have you been up too much meaning?

it means “were you doing a lot?” you can ask that when you want to know if that person was busy.

What are you up to?

What does this mean? It means “What are you doing right now?” if the person sees you regularly.

Is it love you too or to?

” I love you, too.” should be the correct way of saying, of writing; this “too”, means “also”, “in the same manner or way”, “likewise”. It’s more colloquial, more popularly used than to say “I also love you”.

How do you reply to what are you up to?

Examples for the positive answer: “I’m good” “I’m fine” “I am doing….” or “I am up to…….” Examples for the negative answer: “nothing” “not much” “I am just doing…. (ex: I am just killing my time….)”

Did you get up to much meaning?

“Get up to + something” is a British and informal expression. It just means “do something.” So “What did you get up to” means “What did you do?” Perhaps your friend wanted to ask you about how you spent your free time and also implied about the rest of it.

When someone asks you what are you up to?

It just means doing something. So the question “What are you up to?” just means “What are you doing?”

Are you up to much today meaning?

is an idiomatic way of saying, basically, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Are you up to much?’ probably means here ‘Are you doing much?’ ie ‘Are you busy?’