Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Feel Crispy?

What does it mean to have crisp hair?

Curling in stiff curls or ringlets; as, crisp hair.

Brittle; friable; in a condition to break with a short, sharp fracture; as, crisp snow.

Etymology: From crisp, from crisp, from crispus.

crisp(Adjective) Possessing a certain degree of firmness and freshness; in a fresh, unwilted condition..

What is a crisp personality?

► see thesaurus at cold 5 people if someone behaves or speaks in a crisp way, they are confident, polite, and firm, but not very friendly Her tone was crisp and businesslike.

Does crispy mean fried?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Foodcrisp‧y /ˈkrɪspi/ adjective food that is crispy is pleasantly hard on the outside a piece of crispy fried bread► see thesaurus at hardExamples from the Corpuscrispy• Cook under a hot grill until brown and crispy.

What is a crunchy mom?

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘Crunchy Mom’ is defined as, A member of an increasingly growing group of moms who are neo-hippies. They generally believe (for varying reasons) that there is something bad or less beneficial about buying mainstream products or doing other common activities in the mainstream way.

What’s the difference between crunchy and crispy?

Crispy by definition is a food that is firm, dry, and has a brittle surface or texture. Crunchy by definition is pleasantly crisp but making a crunchy noise. So crunchy is more brittle and will make a noise when you bite it.

What does it mean to feel crunchy?

to feel embarrassed after having done or said something that might cause another person emotional pain or embarrassment. The feeling of “having put one’s foot in one’s mouth.”

What does it mean when something is crisp?

To crisp something is to cook or dry it until it’s brittle, and when a voice is crisp, it’s abrupt and no-nonsense. A crisp fall morning is fresh and cold. In Old English, crisp meant “curly,” from the Latin crispus, “curled.” The “brittle” definition is probably imitative, the word sounding like its meaning.

How do you use Crisp in a sentence?

Crisp sentence examplesShe swallowed down a crisp reply. … The crisp morning air wasn’t necessary for the purpose of waking her up. … He turned a few of the crisp pages carefully. … The morning air was crisp and cool. … Her voice was as crisp as the morning air and twice as sharp.More items…

When a person is crunchy?

Crunchy is a term used to refer to someone’s way of life. It generally means that someone adheres to a hippie-like lifestyle or has more liberal views about life.

What does crispy mean slang?

clean; good looking. Bro, them boys is crispy.