What Is GG ML?

What is CC in Mobile legend?

What does “CC” mean in Mobile Legends.

“CC” means Crowd Control.

Crowd Control skills are skills that let you disable your enemies and render them useless for a short period of time.

The most common forms of Crowd Control (CC) skills are: Stuns which can render enemies useless for a few seconds..

What is GG in chat?

“Good Game” For many players, it’s standard practice to type GG into the chat at the end of every match.

What is critical chance in ML?

Critical chance is an in-game mechanic which is the chance that a hero will deal double damage with their basic attack (or worth of 200% Total Physical Attack as Physical Damage). Critical chance is commonly known as Crit Chance or Crit.

What’s the meaning of GG?

good gameShort for good game, the acronym GG is commonly used in online gaming at the end of matches as a gesture of good sportsmanship.

Is GG an insult?

GG can be : 1) Phrase said at the end of a match, either online or in person. Means “Good Game”, and indicates one of two things: Either it was truly a good, fairly played and close match, or one team got slaughtered. 2) Used as an insult.

What SS means?

Screen Shot”Screen Shot” is the most common definition for SS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SS. Definition: Screen Shot.

What does JK mean?

The movie was really terrible… jk. just kidding. just joking.

What is SS on ML?

️SS – special skill, Super Skill. ️Ult – ultimate skill.

Who is the strongest ml hero?

AldousWith enough farming and preparation, Aldous can be the most powerful hero in the game. If you can rank up is soul stacks and get them to at least 250, you can really kick ass. If you also combine him with good equipment, he can be unstoppable. Aldous can easily even act as a tank because of how durable he is.

What is CC and AoE in mobile legends?

AoE = area of effect. Attacks that damage more than one enemy. CC = crowd control. Applying negative status effects on enemies, thus hindering their combat abilities.

What does BG mean sexually?

Definitions include: acronym for “bondage, dominance, submission, masochism”.

Who made up GG?

The origins of GG Writer John Brandon encountered the acronym playing Marathon on his Macintosh in 1994, a first-person shooter developed by Bungie before Halo: Combat Evolved.

Does GG mean good going?

acronym for “good going”.

What GG means in mobile legends?

good gameGG” stands for “good game.” It is customary to say “gg” when you finish playing to inform the other players that you are quitting and not coming back. Usually people say “gg” when they quit no matter if they are winning or losing. And other players usually reply by saying “gg” also.

What is GG in gaming?

GG (gaming), a short form frequently used in multiplayer gaming at the end of a match to mean “Good game”