Why Should We Buy Fair Trade Chocolate?

Why is Fair Trade Chocolate important?

Not only is fair trade chocolate good for people, it’s also good for the planet.

Equal Exchange, for example, works with farmers on small cocoa farms to develop sustainable harvests that preserve local habitats and increase biodiversity..

What happens if you buy fair trade chocolate?

Fair Trade Improves the Lives of Farmers For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, the business selling it pays an additional amount of money into a Community Development Fund, which goes directly back to the farmer group.

Are Kit Kats fair trade?

Since our statement about cocoa farmers’ concerns regarding KitKat moving away from Fairtrade, we have received many messages of support for farmers from the British public, as well as some questions.

Is Fair Trade really fair?

The truth is that Fairtrade and certified coffee, chai and cacao are anything but fair, and have never been fair to farmers, farm workers or to their children. Most certifications claim falsely that they are taking farmers out of poverty. They are not.

Are Cadbury fair trade?

A new partnership By 2019, as Cocoa Life expands across all Cadbury products in the UK and Ireland, Dairy Milk will no longer be Fairtrade certified. But we will remain in close partnership with Fairtrade and continue to work together to launch programmes that help farmers.

Did you know facts about fair trade?

Here are 10 facts about Fairtrade you may not know.There are 1.66 million Fairtrade farmers and workers across 73 countries. … Fairtrade products range from ice cream, to gold, to flowers, to beauty products. … 93% of the UK public recognise the Fairtrade mark. … 1 in 4 cups of coffee in the UK is Fairtrade.More items…•

Why fair trade is bad?

The costs of these standards can be quite high, meaning that although you have more chance of selling your produce, the cost of maintaining standards can sometime actually outweigh the amount made by selling your produce, therefore making Fairtrade detrimental to the livelihood of the Fairtrade farmers.

What are the disadvantages of fair trade?

World Centric, an organization that sells fair-trade goods, lists several drawbacks for producers on its website: Producers have to pay for the costs of certification. Some small farms or artisans can’t afford it. Big companies can claim to be fair traders even if only a fraction of their sales are from fair trade.

Which brands are Fair Trade?

These are just a few of the brands selling fair trade styles—find all of them by shopping here.Madewell.Patagonia.prAna.Pact.Athleta.Outerknown.J.Crew.Obey.More items…

What chocolate bars are fair trade?

6 Fairtrade chocolate brands you should buy fromdivinechocolate.com. Seed & Bean. LF favourite: Lemon and cardamom. … seedandbean.co.uk. Tony’s Chocolonely. LF favourite: Milk chocolate and toffee pretzel. … tonyschocolonely.com. Chocolate and Love. … chocolateandlove.com. Rawr Chocolate. … rawrchoc.com. Lidl Way To Go!

Why should we buy fair trade bananas?

Banana workers have often used the Premium to improve their housing, build schools and clinics, or offer other benefits they see a need for. The Fairtrade Standards are designed to improve employment conditions and protect the rights of workers in the large plantations where the majority of export bananas are grown.

Is Fair Trade chocolate more expensive?

Do businesses need to choose between giving farmers and workers a fair deal or offering consumers a fair price on shelf? No. … This obviously has a cost for Fairtrade businesses but it doesn’t mean that the product on shelf has to be more expensive for consumers.

Why is it important to buy fair trade?

Shop Fair Trade If we buy products without considering where they come from and at what cost, we become a part of the problem by exploiting workers in developing countries. By buying fair trade products, workers and farmers get a fair pay for their work and can support their families.

Why is Fair Trade unfair?

It says fair trade is “unfair” because if offers only a very small number of farmers a higher, fixed priced for their goods. These higher prices come at the expense of the great majority of farmers, it says, who – unable to qualify for Fairtrade certification – are left even worse off.

Which chocolate is not fair trade?

‘After a decade of sourcing cocoa and sugar for KitKat in the UK and Ireland, Nestlé have informed Fairtrade they no longer plan to buy Fairtrade cocoa and sugar from some of the world’s most vulnerable small scale farmers’, the Fairtrade Foundation statement said.

Is World’s Finest Chocolate Fair Trade?

Now over 10 years later, they still haven’t lived up to their promise of embracing Fair Trade Certification. The time is now for World’s Finest to go Fair Trade.